2 Big Lies About Smart Digital Door Lock

Most people who come to me for digital door lock, usually already done some research online or already went to other shops to survey. And then when they come to me, they already know partial facts about digital door lock.

The info from internet or some guys, partially true but partially are lies. Lies told to push for sales or higher profit.

Today I’ll expose 2 all-time biggest lies of smart digital door lock.

Why should you trust my opinion on smart digital door lock?

First of all, I’m a legit electronic engineer, graduated 2008 and been in the semiconductor plant (making chips & ICs) for quite a while.

After I found my interest in electronic door lock, I started learning and attending courses on locksmithing too. I’m a certified locksmith, official member of the Master Locksmith Association Malaysia.

I started selling and repairing smart door lock since the end of 2012, sold more than 1000 units of different models of digital door lock.

Look yourself into our facebook and google page review. We take customer satisfaction to an exaggerated high priority. So if I said some models of digital lock is not good, you have to trust me. I even bash my own selling models. I put other people’s security and durability above everything else.

LIES No. 1

“Digital Door Lock is more secure than conventional lock.”
A lie. Falsehood. Blasphemy.

Why do they said that: They want the sales. Digital door lock gives every seller higher profit margin compared to conventional lock. So of course they want to sell you digital lock more than a conventional lock.

The Truth: Smart door lock or conventional lock, both are equal in strength and security. Digital deadbolt vs Conventional deadbolt, Digital Mortise vs Conventional Mortise, they are equal in security and locking strength.

They both using straight bolt locking mechanism, so both equal strength. Material wise there are some negligible differences.

LIES No. 2

“The more expensive type, or so called mortise’ handle type, are the better, stronger, and better design lock.” – Yes, this is a lie as well.

Why do they said that? Handle (or mortise) type digital lock is more expensive, and gives seller higher profit margin. And of course most seller want to make more profit.

The Truth: Handle type/ mortise lock is not the strongest digital lock. They are also not the most durable. I do, however, agree that handle type tends to look better in terms of design. But then design is a very personal topic, so lets not talk about design here

Mortise lock actually weakens the door structure due to a big “sandwich” hole in the middle of the door. In Malaysia standard door thickness is only 35-38mm (because of lower cost for the developer), which is considered thin. Like US their standard door thickness is 45mm with a thick stile.

So for a Malaysian standard door, actually any mortise lock, be it conventional or digital door lock, is not recommended. The door will become too weak that any force will crack open the door before the lock fails. The door simply cannot support a mortise lock.

Now let me tell you which is the best digital door lock

The RIM type digital lock.

Why is it the best?

  1. High Durability, Low Defect
  2. High Strength Locking
  3. Price: Really so much more worth it
  4. Double Security

High Durability, Low Defect.

Simple yet effective. It has only simple electronic & mechanical mechanism.Very little sensors, very little switching, very little chips, very little moving gears. There is nothing much components to be “defective”.

When something is simple, nothing much can go wrong. Especially true for locks. Smart locks that are complicated, these are the ones that gives headache and trouble.

Do you feel you TV, washing machine, refrigerator, or even cars, are not as lasting as 30 years ago? You thought the factory made it that way right? Actually that is not fully true. Partial blame goes to the complexity. Modern electronics has inverter, HD, high RPM, HEPA filter, more functions, more capabilities, more complex. Remember the rule: more complex = less durable. Same with cars. People still drive 50 years ago Toyota. But some 20 years ago Toyota already in scrap metal factory.

High Strength Locking

It doesn’t make “sandwich” hole to your door.With no sandwich hole, the strength of door is maintained. When your door strength is not compromised, the lock can protect your family and golds at its full capabilities.

Plus, a rim locks actually clamps on door, so in a way it actually further increase the strength of the door itself. Make it even stronger than any other types of digital door lock.

Really Worth It

Due to its simplicity, rim lock cost much less to manufacture, adn hence the price is usually 35-65% lower compared to a complicated handle type models.

Double Layer Security

You can maintain your existing conventional lock or lever handle. Rim digital will be installed above lever handle. So usually when you leave the home daily for work or shopping, just leave the digital door lock to lock the door for you

When you’re leaving home for long holiday, of course digital lock will auto lock, but now you can also choose to lock the conventional lock as well. So you have double active locks, making it extra hard for intruders to break in. And usually thief don’t like to spend extra hour breaking 2 locks. They tend to choose house with 1 lock to break in, compared to house with 2 locks. Of course right?

Or even at night, you want to feel safe, you can always double lock from inside and go to sleep.

Did you find this information helpful? My staffs and I make plenty of such information.

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