How much it really cost to re-key a normal lock?

Your have a high quality lock on your front door. One day the key went missing. You’re afraid that you drop it somewhere at the garden and someone else might pick it up to enter your home.

That’s when you will call us. We can hardware re-program your lock so that you will have a new set of key to open it, and the old key that you drop will no longer be able to open it.

We charge RM18-47 for a rekey, depending on the key and lock type. But how much it actually cost us, if we do it for free and just charge the cost of the material?

What is the material needed?

We call it pinning kits. At Fine Lock Shop Kuching, we use only Lab brand universal pinning kits (made in USA). It’s accurate, universal brand, and we can rekey a lock to a very high accuracy and low deviation.

The cost of the set is $97.95 [+ $27.50 Shipping] = $ 125.45 which is equivalent to RM 549. There will be 25% import tax and SST 10%, so the final cost will be RM755 per set.

Each set contains 81 slots, composed of top pin and bottom pins. Number of pins varies in each slot, but it’s safe to assume each slot contains 10 pins. So total 810 pins are available to use.

RM755 for 810 pin, so each pin cost RM 0.93.

In order to rekey a lock, we must assume that we change all pins for a clean reprogramming. So for a 6 pin lock, we will use 6 pins. Cost RM5.60. If we decide to change the top pin as well (rarely needed, but in some case yes), it will cost total RM 11.20

Your old key can’t be used anymore, so we need to construct new keys for you. 6-pin tumbler key, if you go to any hardware store to duplicate, it will cost around RM 5 – RM 6 eac. Lets take RM5. We give you with 3 new keys. 3 x 5. So it’ll become RM 15.

RM15 for the new keys, and RM5.60 for the pin, will add up to RM 20.60

That will be the cost.

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