Majority “High Security Lock” in Malaysia are FAKE

Last week i have the chance to go to a big local hardware store to get some piping stuff for my home. As a locksmith I naturally browse through the door lock collection out of curiosity. Saw many many brands and models with transparent packaging. Plenty stock stated there: “High Security Lock”. But among all the huge collection, the number of actual high security is: 0.

NONE of the locks on all the shelves, none of them are high security.

Today I want to teach you guys, how by just one look we can know if the lock is a normal security and not high. I did not take photo of “fake high security lock” that day, but I do have photo of real high security:

Common people will look at the lock itself, whether the locking look strong or not. But that is WRONG!

The number one most important point is to look at the Strike Plate (the bolt receiving part, usually installed to door frame). Look at the number of screwing point.

A real high security lock should have at least 6 fixing screws at the receiving part. Normal ones have 2 fixing point only.

This is the real parts that will be put to the test if there is a real burglary attempt. Once you have a strong strike plate, then only you start to look for a stronger bolt for upgrade. But if you get a strong bolt without a strong strike plate, it will be easily defeated. Not a high security lock at all.

So the next time you want a genuine high security lock, you know what to look for.

Written By Francis W,
Lead locksmith for Fine Lock Shop

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