MOTHER OF ALL SMART DIGITAL DOOR LOCK: All the latest features are fully packed into this 1 body!

Enter using fingerprint? Even that is OUTDATED for this smart door lock. To be frank, we have come across a staggering amount of smart lock, but this lock really has most functions packed into 1.

We’re talking about “Kaiser Keywe Smart Digital Door Lock”. Here is the full list of how you can enter:

  1. Using your smartphone (same way as BMW’s keyfob)
  2. Using WIFI app to lock/ unlock from anywhere in the world
  3. Using fingerprint
  4. Using RF Card
  5. Using Pincode
  6. Using old-fashioned key

7 ways of entering. And entering is not the only function that you should know about this lock. Kaiser also enable you to fully be in control how you want your guest to enter.

  • A maid? Let her enter every week only Saturday, 3-4pm. Other time she will not be able to enter.
  • A fixing contractor? Let him enter one-time only. Once exit, he can’t enter anymore.
  • A relatives? Let them in from 15-21 October.
  • At anytime you don’t want them to enter anymore, delete their access from your phone. You don’t need to be in front of the lock to do so.
  • And at anytime, any of your guest enters, you will get notified by your phone apps.

Right now we can’t think of a “richer” door lock than this.

But with all the features, it do comes at a weakness: battery life. While majority smart lock battery can last up to one year, this lock only last 6 months. Half the battery life. But if you don’t mind changing batteries every 6 month, strongly consider this locks.


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