The 3 Things That Has Changed Our Life & The Whole World’s.

I’m a generation of cross-over. I was born into a world without internet, without computer, without handphone. I was there when computer invaded our lives, Then comes the dial up internet (so slow, hardly use), then comes handphone, comes high speed internet, and lastly the smartphone. Together, the computer, internet and smartphone, these 3 inventions totally transformed the world and everyone’s life. I can bet on my life that if these 3 things were not invented, our lifestyle now is totally different and our world will be totally different. The world’s development will be different. There might be more shopping malls, less advancement in medical surgery, less political issue, not so much violence or random shooting, less entrepreneur, etc. Even the 9/11 USA Twin Tower event might not had happened. Do you agree?

Some of you might ask, which is better? Life without the 3, or life with the 3? There are good and bad, I would say. And lets not imagine what would happen if these 3 inventions were not invented. Because they’re already here. Lets not waste time and energy thinking or imagining things that will not happen. But let us think, what had been done by these 3 inventions?

  1. Unlimited access to education/ information: Indisputable fact, isn’t it? Learn anything you want from the internet, both good or bad.
  2. Extreme convenience: Buy stuff from your phone, delivered to your doorstep.
  3. Latest news, immediately: You knew about the earthquake on the opposite side of the earth that happened 2 minutes ago
  4. Instant communication: Email, Whatsapp, etc. Say “How are you” to your friend 5000KM away, instantly.
  5. Instant connection to family/ friends: Your sister is pregnant. You knew it the moment she upload the test stripe result. Or your friend making trips to Hawaii (without inviting you).
  6. Work efficiency: A laptop and internet, you can work even while you’re travelling. Software and apps that automate some task. Those are created by companies in 10,000 miles away. But you can download and use instantly.
  7. You sure you want to continue to read? It will be an endless list…… Maybe up to number 7000…

You yourself are using THE 3 to read this now, and you well know what THE 3 empowered us.

How about another aspect? What are the negative impact that THE 3 has done to our life? Can you think of any? I can easily point to the first one: DISTRACTION.

You want to learn “How to make apple pie”. Google it. 1000 different recipes. Which you wanna choose?
You are having dinner with family. Phone notification keeps coming in.
You are writting an article for your work. Halfway writting, you’re tired and want to stop a while to take a drink. End up you browsed Facebook for 30 minutes. Reading through 200 new emails. Reading through the latest breaking news. Phone notification keeps coming in. 1-hour article, quickly becomes a work that need 6 hours to complete.


This is the word that my parents won’t understand. They do a task, and work on it till completion. But for us now, that is a challenge. We’re bombarded with distraction. We can hardly focus on the things that are really important to us. Our Work. Our Family.

And how are the world trying to solve this issue? We can no longer stop using THE 3. They have too many benefits. We need them. But they give us distraction. The very benefit that the THE 3 gives, are the one causing distraction. Can we eliminate the distraction then? No we can’t for as long as we are using them, the distraction will be there.


We can do so many in such a short amount of time. Wana buy some groceries? Sit at your home, pull out wallet, online payment, and done… Before this you’ll have to go to drive your car out and then find a parking, walk around the store to find the things that you want and then queue at the counter to pay. After that drive your car, get stuck in traffic jam and drive back home.

I want to find a specialist doctor, maybe heart specialist. I know one, but lets try to drive around the city to find out if there are others better one. Spend half day driving around town, found none. Maybe try another side of the town. Or I want to find a high quality door lock, but I don’t remember any locksmith. Lets drive around the city for THE WHOLE DAY! That’s before THE 3. Now, just open up your phone and type in “LOCKSMITH AROUND ME” or “HEART SPECIALIST AROUND ME”. You have achieved an 8-hour task in 8minutes.

Want to know how to use a electrical device? Take the user manual out and flip through all the pages trying to find the HOW-TO. Reading and trying for 30 minutes. Now? Just open your phone and view a 3 minutes video on Youtube will do.

Trying to ask your long-distance girlfriend how is she doing? Write a letter and post it by mail. Express Mail. She will get it next week. Or in few days if fast. Now? Type a Whatsapp. She receive and reply instantly (If not instant you better be worried).

Even email is considered too slow now. Imagine how fast we’ve gone to. When I was a kid, a 2 hour flight was really enjoyable. I enjoy every minutes looking around the sky, imagining how incredible the airplane was, talking to my parents, enjoy looking at the internal wall of the plane (yes seriously just looking at the wall is fun), the window, etc. When the plane arrived, somethings I still wanna stay inside. 2 hours flight is too short!
Now what happened to me? 2 hour flight? First thought: It’s a long flight. It’s gonna be boring. I need to read books or play games or do something. Man…2 hours…so long….

THE 3 gives us the ability to do so much in such a short amount of time that it transformed our perspective of time. We’re in fast-paced life. We need to do thing fast. In the past, every hour counts. Now, every seconds counts. People get impatient. Waited too long at McDonald counter? Someone will slam the table.



The distraction hinder our ability to focus on task that really matters. Stuff such as family and career. Since we can’t stop the distraction, we can start to buy more focus. How do we buy more focus? By making things easier, by making more time and less complicated than it should be. It also make things faster. That is the convenience that we need.

We used to have the keys to lock our doors, and bring keys around. This is our practise for centuries. And that’s before the era of THE 3. Now, as our life has more distractions, we tend to lost our keys, misplace them, and also forgot to lock our door. It might have happened before the existence of THE 3, but is not that often, and doesn’t matter. Now it matters that we lost our focus and side tracked to something else (the lock) and it also matter that we wasted our time.

Before THE 3: Honey you forgot to lock? Alright we’ll go back and lock it.
After THE 3: Honey you forgot to lock? Are you serious? Do you know how much in hurry I’m? Do you know how much the time we take to turn back home? Do you know how many things I can complete within that amount of time?

Before THE 3: Where did I put my key? Hm… lets find it….. Maybe it’s there or somewhere here…
After THE 3: Where did I put my key? How can I forget where I put it! Stupid! I’m in hurry! (Throwing stuff from table and desk trying to find keys, in frustration)


That is why many companies are now starting to manufacture electronic door lock. Auto-locking, functions without key. It make us fast and it gives us less distraction from our main focus. It’s not giving us extra security. But it’s like eliminating door lock from our lives. We no longer think about keys or locking the door. Except when it malfunctions of course.


Did you feel the need to use a digital door lock?


Written by Francis W.
for Fine Lock Shop Blog.

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