What is the most durable lock?

Have you ever been in trouble with your door lock? Like get locked-out or locked-in, or can’t lock it due to damaged lock?

No doubt you have. If you’re the type that always buy cheap locks, possibility is that you’ll have to face this problem each year.

If you’re the one who look for quality stuff, your lock will stay with you for more than 10 years, some exceeds 30 years above up to 100 years (might become a historical monuments).

What are the difference? No doubt, the material. There are so many options as to what material to be used to manufacture a door lock. It will affect the quality, shape, finishing and pricing. Here are a few famous one:

  1. Zinc Casting: This is the weakest among all. Zinc is not a strong metal. It will break apart if constantly push/ pulled daily (which you do with your lock handles)
  2. Zinc Alloy: Mixed usually with aluminium, it produces stronger metals compared to casted zinc alone. But they’re still not the strongest material for a door lock.
  3. Brass: Brass is strong, plus it has beautiful appearance of golden colour. Won’t rust and durable, this material has been traditionally used to product good quality locks for castles, historical buildings, etc. Many famous and premium lock company uses brass when they started, and remains with using brass as a tradition for producing door locks.
  4. Stainless Steel: Strongest & longest lasting material for door lock. Period. Highest tensile strength, high melting point, high strength and anti-rust. But, still this is not the most preferable material for lockset.

Which do you think is the most preferable material for locks?
It’s brass. It’s not the strongest material, but it is strong enough to last up to 100 years. It’s easy to machine, to be shaped into beautiful design. With long history and long processing experience, you can get many nice stunning aesthetic design for your door. Stainless steel, although extreme durability, but there are less manufacturer, slightly younger material and inexperienced production, and hence more boring design.

Do you prefer stunning look? Or extreme durability?

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