Which Brand of Smart Digital Door Lock is Good?

We totally get it. You don’t want something that will give you trouble. A digital lock that wasted your time more than a mechanical lock is really torturing.

So we heard you ask, which brand is good?

Actually we have to correct you here. Even so-called good brand will have some crappy models that are the black sheep. But they have more good model than bad models. So we can give them a pass as good brand. And because we all almost every renowned brand, we have to be honest here, as it’s not possible that ALL are good.

Today we wanna exposed this good brand: SCHLAGE.

If you have a door knob at your home/ work place, you’ve touched a Schlage already, even though that knob is some random china’s banana brand. Schlage invented cylindrical lock. With a long history, and a famous brand among lock enthusiast, you’ve probably heard of it. Very famous in USA and Canada, more than Yale (Surprisingly Yale is more famous in Malaysia as it’s more affordable)

This is a good brand for digital door lock as well. The digital lock, electronic lock is WATERPROOF! Even got a professional rating of IP54! Now beat that!

But the main thing that convince us, is the lack of client’s complaint, and also we discovered good mechanism and thick metal used when we fully disassembled it for fun (sorry Schlage!).

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