Why Some Locks Are So Cheap?

You cannot be thinking that an RM500 lock, and an RM1000 locks to be of the same quality right? I have to call that thinking as stupid. This is simply not logic (unless you’re scammed)

There has to be some compromise, some cut-corners, something is lacking. From our experience, in the industry of smart door lock, the compromises are….

No 1.
This is the most often, 95% is using this method to cut cost: Using cheaper Material (Use plastic instead of steel body). This makes the lock to be very not durable, very not safe and not secure. Cepat rosak. Few client that called us for “lock-out” case is this. Cheap lock, plastic components simply fail

Cheaper motherboard and processor. All smart door locks need a microprocessor inside. Different microprocessors have different speed, accuracy, capabilities and quality. Not sure if you heard, but 3-5 years ago, it’s discovered that almost all unbranded smart lock (it’s a smart lock, but there is no brand on the lock) can be opened using a Tesla Coil (a black electrical interference devices). This is a bypassing method. Whereas branded and higher priced locks can’t be opened using the same coil. 

The unlocking system. Although from user perspective all smart lock looks the same during unlocking, there are actually different internal mechanism. Established brand usually uses electronic unlock (this is the safer way), while cheaper lock uses latches unlocking (this can be bypassed a lot easier). Latch unlocking is so much simpler, so much cheaper, and so much easier-to-bypass as well. 

Whether to buy a cheap lock or expensive lock, we have no say as we don’t know the purpose. If you simply want to lock a room that is extremely seldom used and nothing important inside, then perhaps you don’t need to spend so much (just get a cheap one lah!). But if it’s an important door, we highly recommend something more established.






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